domenica, febbraio 13, 2011

Gone with the ink

When you need something THAT much you're not gonna do this so easy: easier searching for answers than finding them. I usually find many answers amongst all the words I lay down on this page: on a white screen, things just shine out better. 
This final rush is mentally enternal, phisycally exausting and personally crappy. Lack of concentration pisses me off far more than all the other things that may and should: I'm not used to less-than-full efficiency. Next step is wondering, many times a day, why the end must be such an agony. I'm surgical, I cut clean. 
Maybe this time I'll learn patience and endurance or, more probably, I'll go nuts before graduating; anyway, the point is that if I could do what I truly would love to... I know I'd regret it in so many ways.