domenica, febbraio 08, 2009

Way to go

I'm out of word and with a lot of unwritten things in the meanwhile, but most of all I am joyful. You made it, guys.

Against all odds, despite all the fantasious and different problems, miles, visas, planes, dark days, you made the unexpected come true.

I met Fra first, just a couple of days before he met you. I can perfectly remember his before-you face and his after-you face, and now I can look at his after-face every time I want because it's carved into a picture. That hard, grateful look of someone whose muscles are finally relaxing.

Then, I met you at Nik's place. Me and him, we went to bought food and drinks for dinner, and I will always link that radicchio cream to that night. Amazing how details are coming back: I liked your black shirt and your frank speaking "Nik, ma che cazzo hai comprato? La salsa gialla fa schifo!". I chose it, by the way. You were right, by the way.

Summer 2007 was the best one of my life. I was a wounded girl facing something bigger than me, and you were there helping me get the hell out of that crap. I did something like 7 exams with best marks, doing every day something different, always late at night, sometimes corpses, sometimes tanned, always together.

And when you and Fra came back from Elba, guess that fears and uncertainties couldn't hide the glow. We knew you'd have fight for it.

And now, looking at this picture, I'm taking example and courage for my future, perhaps I'll need to know that yes, it was possible and worthy.

Thank you, babe.

Love, Laurina